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The Foyer Rules
  1. Beauséjour is a residence intended mainly for young men and women between 18 and 25 years old, who are either doing their apprenticeship or studying at university. Beauséjour has a friendly, sympathetic atmosphere, full of tolerance, respect and a close communal feeling.

  2. The rent must be paid during the first 10 days of every month. A deposit of CHF 600.-- will be required at registration. Depending on the length of your stay (8+ months), an administration fee of CHF 100.-- will be retained from your deposit.  Your deposit will be refunded when your keys are returned at the end of your stay.

  3. Every tenant receives room keys along with keys for the main building. If lost, the office should be informed immediately. The private possessions of each tenant are his/her own responsibility to keep safe as these possessions are not assured against theft. We advise all tenants not to leave valuables in their rooms. Bedrooms must be kept in good order and must be in the same condition at the end of your stay, as they were when you arrived. Cleaning provisions are available from the washroom on the bottom floor, and fresh bed-linen is supplied every fortnight. Any damage to bedrooms or common rooms will result in an invoice to those responsible. All damages should be reported to the office immediately. Every tenant must have liability insurance to cover any damages. The cleaner, when accompanied by the manager has the right to enter tenants’ bedrooms.

  4. According to art. 55, 1st al. of the LRTV, students who have a radio or TV have to pay the rental fees as private users. We remind you that silence has to be observed in the home from 10 pm.

  5. It is forbidden to cook in the rooms and to use gas-cookers due to obvious fire risks. A large kitchen on the bottom floor and a small kitchen on the first floor are available for all tenants, but eating and cooking utensils are not provided by the home. For health reasons, the kitchen must be cleaned after every use and perishable food must be thrown away if the “sell-by “date has passed.

  6. Smoking is not permitted in the bedrooms or the kitchen but 2 TV rooms on the ground floor are reserved for smokers. Drugs and illicit products are forbidden in the home and people who consume these prohibited products are not allowed in the premises.

  7. Prepaid washing and drying machines as well as an iron are available on the basement. Information and magnetic-cards are available at the office.

  8. All non-residents should have left the home at 12 pm at the latest. It is forbidden to lodge anyone or to lend any keys to anyone (even during vacation periods). It is possible to accomodate a friend or family members with a small charge for the rent of a spare bed. Please inform the office on such occasions.

  9. Everyone is asked to behave in a respectable mannerat all times. The management has the right to order the immediate departure of people who do not conform to the present regulations. The home is not foreseen to young people who need extra education support, or who have characterial difficulties. These home’s regulations can be modified at any time by the management.